Birdwatching - Morocco

Morocco is a birdwatcher’s paradise. A startling array of species inhabits the country’s diverse ecosystems and varied environments, especially the coastal wetlands. Around 460 species have been recorded in the country, many of them migrants passing through in spring and autumn when Morocco becomes a way station between sub-Saharan Africa and breeding grounds in Scandinavia, Greenland and northern Russia, while others fly to Morocco to avoid the harsh northern-European winters. Early winter months at the wetlands are particularly active, but the most pleasant time of year is March through May, when the weather is comfortable and the widest variety of species is usually present. For more information on Morocco’s birdlife.
In Merdja Zerga National Park .
Tour companies (all UK-based) that offer birding tours to Morocco include the following: Birdfinders ( Birdwatching Breaks (
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